Day Leagues

Monday Leagues
11:00 am Hit or Miss - Mix/Match Trios
12:00 pm Old Timers - Senior Mixed 4's

Tuesday Leagues
11:00 am Tuesday Trollers - Ladies Scratch Trios

Wednesday Leagues
9:30 am Rolling Pins - Ladies Trio
12:00 pm Young Oldsters - Senior Trios
4:00 pm Franklin Pierce School Dist. - Mix/Match Trios

Thursday Leagues
12:00 Silver & Gold - Senior Mixed 4's

Saturday Leagues
Every Other Saturday
9:30 am Future Allstars - Youth 11 & Under
9:30 am Major Allstars - Youth 12 & Up

Evening Leagues

Sunday Leagues
5:00 pm Early Sunday Mixers - Mixed 4's
5:30 pm Express - Mix/Match 4's

Monday Leagues
6:30 pm Short n' Sweet - Mix/Match 5's
6:30 pm Pierce County Church - Mix/Match 4's
7:00 pm TSI Trios - Mix/Match Trios

Tuesday Leagues
6:30 pm Margarita Mixers - Mixed 4's
6:30 pm Tuesday Night Mixers - Mix/Match 4's

Wednesday Leagues
6:30 pm Jackpot Classic - Mix/Match Trios
6:30 pm Birds of Paradise - Mix/Match 5's

Thursday Leagues
6:30 pm Buckshooters - Mix/Match 5's
6:30 pm Mikro Mixers - Mix/Match 5's

Friday Leagues
7:00 pm Double Dozen - Mix/Match 4's

Saturday Leagues
Every Other Saturday
6:00 pm The Weekenders - Mix/Match 4's

Ready to Roll?

If you're ready to register for one of our fabulously fun leagues, we're ready to serve you! Please complete the form below, and our League Coordinator, Kim Moreno, will be in touch with you shortly. She'll be happy to answer any questions you may have, and will help you enjoy your bowling league experience here at Paradise!

Not sure which league is right for you? Kim will help you choose the most comfortable league for your bowling skill and style. We have something for everyone, so put your trust in Paradise, and we'll get you rollin' – one step at a time!